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Why use a specialist Contract Research Organization for pharmaceutical research?

Contract research is becoming ever more important in drug development, as pharmaceutical companies increasingly elect to outsource their drug trials to contact research organisations (CRO). The recent surge in CRO work has lead to the establishment of global CRO's as well as numerous low cost CRO's. The BrainGut Research Group is a niche or specialist CRO active on several continents offering a range of CRO services. These range from a single-service component, such as specialist consulting, to the full service CRO package for Phase I and Phase 2 studies. The choice of CRO partner is critical for the reliable and timely completion of a project. The clear advantage of the specialist CRO over the all-purpose, general CRO is the integration of specialist consulting in the areas of expertise throughout the entire research project process. Dedicated academics and clinicians specialising in the areas of research and development provide up-to-date information crucial for protocol preparation, technical and methodological decisions, analysis, publication and much more, which large, non-specialised or low-cost CRO's cannot provide. The absence of competition with non-specialised, large volume projects, enables niche CRO's to offer considerable advantages in flexibility as well. Therefore, specialist CRO's are an attractive option for more intricate and sensitive studies which need to be performed under strict time constraints and to a high standard of execution.

While choosing a Contract Research organization, it is crucial to assess the following:

CRO and local policies and procedures with regard to ethical and regulatory issues.
Subject recruitment pool and policy.
Past recruitment and study performance track record. Repeat business.
Specialisation profile in studies.
Service spectrum, including full service, if required.
Dedicated medical specialists active in field of interest involved in CRO.
Does the potential contract research firm have the necessary infrastructure?
Project management flexibility and potential conflict between concomitant studies.
Stability indices: personnel and finances.

BGRG is a committed and experienced specialist CRO with active academic and clinical involvement in its areas of expertise. Let us help make your development project a success: Expert Research with a Passion®.

We have the necessary infrastructure and employ the minds in the industry. Be it Phase I or Phase II clinical trials, we assign dedicated teams focused on managing your project. The end results are clients who are satisfied with the way we work as we display both ethical behavior and total professionalism.

Indeed, when it comes to outsourcing contract research, Brain-Gut stands out because of its exemplary service and extensive experience in the field.