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BGRG Performs High Quality Academic Research

BGRG consists of a collaborative network of generally University-affiliated clinical research units with complementary areas of expertise. All units are devoted to high-quality and innovative clinical and translational research. Both the elucidation of physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms and the development of new diagnostic (surrogate measures, biomarkers) and therapeutic modalities have resulted in numerous collaborative projects and scientific publications.

Our own Phase I and Phase II facilities for human healthy volunteer and patient studies are extensive. All research is conducted according to the revised Helsinki recommendations, with local Ethics Committee and regulatory authority approval and subjects' written informed consent. Our experience in human clinical research over many years enables us to offer clinical contract research and consulting services, with cutting edge input from our own academic areas of expertise.

We welcome collaborative investigative projects with other researchers in our core areas. Collaboration can be in the form of joint development of research proposals or simply in the exchange of certain services.