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BGRG Offers Phase I to Phase IV Contract Research Facilities

Phase I to IV studies in most medical specialties and subspecialties can be performed due to the wide range of committed investigators. Extensive experience in independent University-based and contracted research allows us to fulfill your specific needs in registration, marketing, and scientific studies. One of our strengths is the rapid recruitment of homogeneous subject collectives. We are able to couple recruitment efficiency with fast study implementation of highest quality and standard.

Due to the wide network of committed investigators, studies in many specialties are performed. BGRG has research centers across the world, making kinetic and dynamic studies possible in different ethnic races and disease prevalence regions. This allows greater rapidity of implementation and completion of projects requiring subjects with specific low- incidence diseases (e.g. Helicobacter pylori) or characteristics (e.g. different cytochrome P450 poor metabolisers).